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How To Write Your Feelings In A Journal For Healing

How To Write Your Feelings In A Journal For Mental Healing

Christmas is an emotional time of year for me as I’m sure it is for many of us. So of us think about friends and family that can no longer be with us and it makes us sad. But you know something that really helped me heal emotionally? It was to write out those feelings on paper. I’ll share with you how to write your feelings in a journal for healing a little later in this article.

Write Your Feelings In A Journal

Stress In Our Lives

Stress is a growing problem – not only in America but around the world. For many of us, it’s no longer something that pops up here and there. But we are dealing with chronic stress.

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It takes a toll on your mind and body 24/7, making sleep next to impossible, the days drag on and life seemingly hopeless. However, many people prefer not to turn to pharmaceuticals to address this growing issue. I didn’t, almost… but chickened out at the last second after seeing my mom take those drugs for over 50 years.

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Instead, I chose to heal myself naturally…mind and body. Everyone’s stress can be caused by many different things – we are all dealing with something in the world today with covid, high crime, lack of work, career, relationships, isolation, taking care of our elderly parents, and health woes to name a few.

Aside from natural remedies such as essential oils, spa routines, positive affirmations, and meditation, many people interested in managing and decreasing their stress loads have had success by writing those feelings down in a journal.

Fight Stress With Journaling

Journaling To Heal

In the past, journaling itself was one of the primary methods professionals advised as a way to handle stress. That’s what I did and I even wrote a letter to my son after he passed. Just a note to him, saying all the things I wish I could have said before he passed. It really helped.

I think journaling out my sorrow, frustrations, fears, and anger and the roller coaster of feelings I was feeling at the time, helped me deal with every emotion naturally. It was like when I wrote down what was heavy on my mind that day. I felt like something was lifted off my back, I didn’t feel so alone and depressed.

I lost my son in December just days before his 25th birthday. What a wreck I was at the time. 

The weird thing was that all of my friends completely ditched me. No one called, came by to check on me. Nothing, I think that was more than I could handle at the time.

But the one thing that helped me more than anything was to write out my feelings. All of them about everything. I burned them after a few years, they were not anything I wanted to ever read again. But the process of writing all those things out really helped me heal.

How To Write Your Feelings In A Journal For Healing

So how do you start writing your feelings in a journal for healing? Simple, go buy some writing paper, nothing fancy to start with because it won’t be pretty. You want to get every frustration out of your mind and your heart. All that baggage can hurt you not only mentally but physically.

Have you ever noticed that someone would complain of their neck hurting or chronic pain? Only to find out that they have a wife that is constantly nagging them. Wonder where Pain In The Neck term came from?

Feeling Down_ Write out those feelings in a Journal To Heal

Take out your notebook with plenty of paper, and a couple of pens. Then head out someplace quiet, where you won’t be bothered for the afternoon. You want to be totally uninterrupted during this time.

You are going to pour out your soul on paper. Write down everything that’s bothering you. Even pen a letter to that person that’s bothering you. Maybe you had a fight with your husband or child. Write them a letter. (this is why I burnt my notebooks) This is anger and rage that you’re letting go of. You need to let it out on paper, so you won’t blow up in person.

You’ll be so surprised at what you find out during these sessions with yourself. If you can’t think of anything to write, just write red roses over and over, then your mind with drift and you’ll start writing all kinds of things you didn’t know about yourself. This is your inner self showing you things you need to deal with and let go of, and if you are a praying person like me. You give these troubles to the Lord and ask him to give you joy instead. You’ll be amazed at the relief you feel after this.

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Feeling Down Or Mad At Someone?

This time of year can be stressful if you are feeling down or bummed out at a family member. Write them a letter, don’t send it off course. But I mean let them have it, share how you really feel, let it all out. Then after you have fully told them what for. Take that sheet of paper crumble it into a tight ball and throw it in the fire. Please don’t burn the house down. You can just tear it into tiny pieces of paper and throw it away.
Sometimes we think about things over and over and the problem keeps getting bigger and bigger. But for some reason when you write out your troubles on paper, that problem you were having becomes smaller and smaller, especially when you crumble it up into a ball and then destroy it.
I read this someplace long ago. And I use it when I have some issue going on. It works! I wrote a letter to my dad when we were fighting one year. All that anger melts somewhat, and over time the troubling emotions go away completely. I never had a harsh word with my dad in person, (I did tell him what for in my letter, but he never saw it or knew about it) so we kept a good relationship after we both had a year apart because we’re both hard-headed. lol!

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What are you waiting for? Go grab that notebook, find some quiet time and start writing! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about How To Write Your Feelings In A Journal For Healing.

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How To Write Your Feelings In A Journal For Mental Healing