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Daily Cleaning Checklist PDF

Daily Cleaning Checklists pin

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a big headache, especially if you follow a simple cleaning schedule and use a printable daily, weekly and monthly checklist for your cleaning tasks.

I have a small home and it doesn’t take much before it looks like a total mess. I created a daily cleaning checklist pdf printable for you to download. I’ve also made a weekly and monthly cleaning checklist as well. I love checking things off my list!

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What is a good house cleaning schedule?

I like to do little cleaning jobs each day and then bigger ones once a week and then big jobs once a month. When you plan out those cleaning jobs on your schedule in bite size tasks. Those jobs don’t seem so big after all. Before you know it your house will stay clean all the time. Instead of taking all day like it normally does.

First create a list of cleaning jobs to do each day. Then create a list of cleaning jobs that you do once a week. Then create a list of cleaning jobs that you only do once a month. Then create a list of jobs that you want to do, but will take more time.

Now that you have your list, break down the bigger tasks into things you can get finished in less than 15-30 minutes, like cleaning the mirrors of the house. You’ll soon get into a routine each week and you’ll feel so awesome as you start to check off those jobs as you get them done. And your house will be clean all the time.

How do I make a daily cleaning schedule?

To keep my house from becoming really clutter, I have to constantly clean, but those tasks are small and only take a few minutes of my time. This keeps my house less messy. Here’s some of the easy tasks you can do in just a few minutes each day.

What chores should be done daily

  • Wash dishes, I don’t have a dish washer, so I wash dishes several times a day.
  • Wipe off counters
  • Wipe off the stove after cooking
  • Wipe the table
  • Sweep the floor
  • Do a quick clean-up around the house, picking up random things that start the clutter.
  • Run a load of laundry if you have a big family

My kids are grown, but when they were growing up they had chores to do around the house. Like pick up toys, put dirty clothes in the hamper, take out the trash, feed the dog and so on.

Free Daily Cleaning Checklist PDF

Click here >>Free Printable Daily Cleaning Checklist PDF

How can I clean my house with a weekly schedule?

Once you get in the habit of cleaning your house with a daily schedule, then adding a monthly schedule to your routine would be the next step. Adding a few things to your daily schedule from your weekly will make those bigger tasks so much easier to accomplish.

Here are some examples of a weekly cleaning schedule.

  • Mop floors
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Empty Trash
  • Empty Recycling Bins
  • Wash Clothes

I’ve added washing clothes on both the daily schedule and the weekly. I like to do a load of wash each day. Then I don’t have a big wash day anymore. Everything is washed and put away each day. Have the kids put away their own clothes, but double-check that they do it. Or you’ll be washing clean clothes along with dirty. Grab this handy Free Printable Weekly Cleaning Checklist below.

Free Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Click here >>Free Printable Weekly Cleaning Checklist PDF

How often should a house be cleaned?

Now that you have your daily and weekly cleaning checklist. Let’s talk about what should be on your Monthly cleaning checklist. To keep a house clean, you should be cleaning each day, but make them little jobs that can be done quickly.

Here are some examples:

  • Throw out junk mail.
  • Clean off the kitchen table each day and wipe it down.
  • Keep the countertop clean and free of clutter.
  • Wash the dishes after each meal, either washing them or putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Take out the trash when it needs it.
  • Sweep the floor every couple of days.
  • Vacuum one room every couple of days.

To my Monthly Cleaning Checklist, I’ve added things I like to do. You can add your own things to the list. I also like to add big jobs, like cleaning out a storage room or the garage. Then divide that task by 4 weeks, each week adding a task I want to finish on that big project. Then I divided those 4 tasks into 5 days. Each day doing one thing that will help me to get that weekly task finished on that big project.

That way by the end of the month I’ve accomplished something very big, but it didn’t seem so bad and I didn’t put it off, because I made the project manageable and easy to finish. Grab your Free Monthly Cleaning Checklist PDF below.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Click here >>Free Printable Monthly Cleaning Checklist PDF

How do you like my Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Checklists?

I find that they really help me out. I keep them on a separate clipboard with a pencil tied to it. Then as I get things done or need to add something it’s right there for me. At my desk, I keep the Weekly and Monthly checklist in a binder with my other Cleaning Planners which you can purchase in my shop.

Once you start using these checklists and establish a routine. Your home will be clean and easier to maintain. And you won’t dread those cleaning jobs anymore. I hope this has helped.

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