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23 Page Farmhouse Christmas Planner

Farmhouse Christmas Planner Printable

It’s Christmas time already! We have the tree up and decorations started, even have a couple of presents wrapped. To help you stay organized this year I created a 23-page Farmhouse Christmas Planner to keep everything straight.

I can remember when I was small, we would get our Christmas tree from a farm down the road from where we lived. We would walk all over the place to find the perfect tree. After we got home mom made us hot chocolate, the old recipe kind of with real cocoa powder. Picking out our tree was one of my best memories growing up.

Farmhouse Christmas Planner
23 Page Farmhouse Christmas

Plan Your Christmas Decorations

You can plan your Christmas decorations inside and out with these planner pages. If you find things on sale after the holidays jot those down for next year.

Farmhouse Christmas Planner Printable

Christmas Gifts Tracker Pages

If you’re like me you like to buy some of your gifts early. Just don’t forget where you stashed them. With these Christmas gift tracker pages, your gift-giving will be a snap!

Farmhouse Christmas Printable Planner

Christmas Wall Art

With countdown, Christmas Paper Chain, and Gift Tags round off this planner with some fun craft projects you can do with the kids. When my kids were little we made these paper chains because my son’s birthday was on the 22nd. Each of us would make paper chains with red and green construction paper. I would cut out the paper strips and let the boys decorate each day. My son would make a special one for his birthday. Every morning they would run to their chain and take one ring off. It was super fun to watch our chains get smaller and smaller. What a fun memory!

I hope you enjoy this Farmhouse Christmas Planner, I really loved creating it, with the calico fabric theme going with it. Totally reminds me of my childhood Christmas!

You can buy this Farmhouse Christmas Planner here in my shop.

Farmhouse Christmas Planner Printable